August Haikus (+ Music thing)

I made some Haikus for some Battle of the Bits battles in August

Here they are:

Theme: Sleeping
Title: Nighty night

The night is calling
Few lights shining on faintly
Pleasant rest awaits

Theme: Senses
Title: Summer Vacation

Feel the sun shining
See the birds above the sea
And hear them crying

Theme: Seeing
Title: World of many Eyes

Did you notice it?
Open eyes, yet not seeing.
They are useless here.

Theme: Yourself
Title: Tomorrow

Can’t keep interest
Changing hobbies on wednesdays

Theme: Waiting
Title: Train Station

Sitting on the rails.
Murmuring, all around me.
My Train will be late.

Theme: Spirit
Title: Onryou

Anger, Hatred, spite.
Becoming vengeance itself,
to right all that’s wrong.

I’m stil very much not into writing.

Also made a music thing in an OHB, which you can find here.

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Saturday, September 2, 2023